#ReleaseTheAyerCut Goes Trending as Fans Ask for Original Version of Suicide Squad

#ReleaseTheAyerCut Goes Trending as Fans Ask for Original Version of Suicide Squad

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No doubt HBO Max had made comic book movie history with the announcement of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and everyone is celebrating the win for the creatives like Snyder. What’s interesting is, Suicide Squad director David Ayer also wants in on that action, campaigning for the release of his original cut of the film. The good news is, it looks like he has the support.

As it turns out, #ReleaseTheAyerCut has gone trending on Twitter, and has surpassed 70k tweets. Check it out:

We don’t know why there’s this sudden resurgence of support, but it’s likely because Ayer has also been very active when it comes to teasing his version of the movie, from Jared Leto’s “true” performance as Joker to Katana and Diablo’s expanded roles. He even shared the script from the original climax of the film including Joker:

Seeing that Suicide Squad was a critical mess, I really want to have Ayer’s original version released. I think he’s a very solid filmmaker, and it’s really a shame that Suicide Squad ended up the mess that it was. I mean, Bright wasn’t that great either, but at least the tone was consistent, and it didn’t switch songs every 30 seconds.

While we don’t have the full details of what’s in store for Ayer’s version of the movie, we do have bits and pieces, like the explicit portrayal of Harley and Joker’s relationship as abusive as well as Diablo making it to the end of the film. It’s said that if there was something closest to the original tone of the film, it would be the first teaser that was screened at SDCC.

HBO Max hasn’t approved Ayer’s Cut of Suicide Squad yet, but with this fan support, it’s possible something could happen down the line. Maybe we’ll just have to wait for Zack Snyder’s Justice League to come out in 2021.


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