Ray Fisher on Walter Hamada Exiting as DCEU Head

Ray Fisher on Walter Hamada Exiting as DCEU Head

Walter Hamada had been tasked to be the ‘Kevin Feige’ of the DCEU, but after a few years of running the ship, the franchise is still kind of finding its feet—and it didn’t help that there was a whole scandal with the Justice League reshoots.

With Hamada out of the picture though, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher, who had publicly outed Hamada as one of the enablers for the horrible conditions of the Justice League set, has made a public announcement about Hamada’s exit. Here’s his post:

Hamada is only one in multiple people that Fisher has pointed a finger at, and the actor has also cited that Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns were responsible for enabling a toxic work environment when it came to the JL reshoots.

We don’t know what the DCEU is up to now, but with Henry Cavill appearing in Black Adam, it seems that we could be coming back to the established canon that Zack Snyder was building on. Admittedly, it does seem a lot more joke-y and less serious as compared to the darker, mythological tones that Snyder was  going for, but at least the cast is being given a chance to actually flesh out their roles.

Then again, we don’t really know what Ray Fisher’s future in the DCEU is. He essentially burned his bridges when the scandal came out, but with Hamada gone, maybe there’s room for his return.

For now, you can catch Black Adam now screening in theaters.


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