PS5 Reveal Moved to Thursday

PS5 Reveal Moved to Thursday

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The PlayStation 5 was gearing up for a big reveal event last week, but with the #BlackLivesMatter movement taking over the internet, Sony had opted to cancel the event to ‘let more relevant voices be heard.’ While this was sure to bum some fans out, they don’t have to wait too long for the announce.

As PlayStation has officially revealed, the PS5 event is set to take place this coming Thursday. Here’s the teaser:

Sony didn’t put too much in the main description, but I guess the point is to reveal everything on June 11. They did give us the tagline, “Join us for a look at the future of gaming.”

For now we can only piece together some things we can expect from the PS5. While Xbox Series X boasts backwards compatibility, it looks like Sony wants to focus on newer games moving forward. It’s also been rumored that the new Xbox is definitely the more powerful of the two consoles, but we have yet to see.

If anything, PlayStation is at an advantage when it comes to their exclusive titles. We don’t know what they have for the game lineup yet, but fans are crossing their fingers that we get reveals for games like God of War 5 or Spider-Man 2. There are also rumors going around that a new Ratchet & Clank game is in the works for the PS5, but we haven’t been getting any updates since then.

Catch the PS5 reveal this Thursday, June 11. The console is expected to hit shelves later this winter.



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