Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Reveal Event

Sony Delays PlayStation 5 Reveal Event

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Though E3 2020 was cancelled, Sony was ready to make a huge reveal for the PlayStation 5 this coming June 4. With the entire US in a state of turmoil though, Sony has opted to delay their even to ‘allow more important voiced to be heard.’

This was their official post on Twitter:

Needless to say, some less than admirable people are coming out of the woodwork to bash Sony for ‘being absolutely ridiculous’ about the delay. Just looking at the comments on the tweet, there are several people who are blaming Sony for acting now, but not doing anything when it came to the Hong Kong protests or several other global issues.

Personally, I think the #BlackLivesMatter movement cannot be ignored, even on a global scale, and Sony is doing the right thing for postponing their big reveal. I imagine if they did push through with it, they would get bashed even harder for acting so insensitive to the current world issues. I say it’s better to get bashed by a group of entitled manbabies rather than get shamed by the rest of the world for seemingly not caring about more important issues.

For now we don’t know when Sony will be doing their big reveal, but I imagine they’re going to wait for these protests to get settled first. You have to hand it to the US; dealing with the Coronavirus was problematic enough, but now they’ve chosen to do this racially charged side quest.




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