It’s Morphin Time in New ‘Power Rangers’ Character Posters

It’s Morphin Time in New ‘Power Rangers’ Character Posters

It’s a great time to be a Power Rangers fan. We are now just one month away from the release of Saban and Lionsgate‘s up-to-date reboot of the 90s colour-coordinated children’s action show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Apart from the first glimpses of the movie, which seemed to suggest an ill-fitting dark tone, the marketing scheme for the movie has been really encouraging. By the looks of things, it will be a more fleshed-out take on the franchise, but will not forget it’s lighter-hearted origins.

The latest promotional material for the film to come out are these awesome character posters. As well as one main poster that features the team together, the five posters star each Power Ranger with their respective Zords, too. If you don’t know, that’s the Red Ranger with his T-Rex Zord, the Pink Ranger with her Pterodactyl, the Blue Ranger with his Triceratops, the Yellow Ranger with her Sabre-Toothed Tiger and, finally, the Black Ranger with his Mastodon.

View the posters in the gallery below:

Another poster has also been unveiled along with those. This one features the assembled team, with the Red Ranger at its centre. Interestingly, it depicts him without his helmet. This pretty heavily suggests that Dacre Montgomery’s Jason is the central character of the movie. That said, it does reveal one of the movie’s taglines, which puts an emphasis on the team’s communal power – “Together is more.”

Power Rangers stars a quintet of promsing young actors as the titular teenagers with attitude. Namely, it features Dacre Montgomery (Jason the Red Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberly the Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy the Blue Ranger), Becky Gomez (Trini the Yellow Ranger) and Ludi Lun (Zack the Black Ranger). Elsewhere, Elizabeth Banks is the, well, repulsive Rita Repulsa, Bryan Cranston is mentor Zordon and Bill Hader is comedy robot Alpha. It is directed by Dean Israelite and morphs into cinemas on March 24th.


Image via Saban/Lionsgate.


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