Possible New Synopsis for Marvel’s Thunderbolts*

Possible New Synopsis for Marvel’s Thunderbolts*

We know that Deadpool & Wolverine is aiming to be Marvel’s big come back to cinema, but everyone is still waiting on updates for other MCU movies like the upcoming Captain America film and the villain team-up Thunderbolts*.

Marvel Studios hasn’t released anything official yet, but insider Daniel RPK (via @NerdTalkShow) does give us what could be a more speficic synopsis for Thunderbolts*. Check this out:

“Yelena, US Agent, Ghost, and Taskmaster are sent by Val to kill someone in a vault. They realize they’ve been set up and were meant to die on this mission. So they team up against their boss to take her down.”

If you can recall, Val is Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character who is being touted as the ‘evil’ Nick Fury and we saw her actually recruit Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and have her go after Hawkeye.

Seeing that Red Guardian and Winter Soldier aren’t mentioned in the team-up, I’m guessing that the two could be on a separate mission that will converge with Yelena’s team. After all, it’s revealed that the two did team-up in Marvel’s What If…? when the two were still working for Mother Russia.

As for the person that they were supposed to kill in a vault, everyone is almost sure that this is Marvel’s Sentry (Lewis Pullman), but seeing as how Marvel has kind of fumbled some great characters (like Taskmaster) it’s possible that it could be another character—so far, nobody else has been coming up in the rumor mill though.

Hopefully we get our first look at the movie before the year ends. Catch Thunderbolts* when it comes to cinemas on May 2, 2025.


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