The Last of Us Season 2 Set Photos Reveal Jeffrey Wright as WLF Leader Isaac

The Last of Us Season 2 Set Photos Reveal Jeffrey Wright as WLF Leader Isaac

Jeffrey Wright had a small role in The Last of Us Part II as the WLF leader Isaac, and though we barely got to see him in the second game, he will be reprising the part for the second season of the HBO show.

Just in, we have some set photos, and it has Wright sporting some military gear. Check this out:

For context, Isaac is the leader of the Washington Liberation Front a.k.a. WLF—the faction that Abby belongs to. If you don’t know who Abby is, she’s considered the co-protagonist of the second game, and she has an arc that runs alongside Ellie’s.  Here’s a scene involving Isaac and Abby:

Seeing that the show has a tendency to expand on the stories of multiple side characters, it’s possible that we could be getting more on Isaac’s lor. Admittedly, he isn’t one of the more fleshed out characters in the game, but with the series, they could very much tell us his origin or what exactly he has planned with the clash between the WLF and the local cult which call themselves the Seraphites.

Interestingly enough, Wright is the second actor to reprise his role from the game to the series. Hopefully they give him something more to do here besides be a roadblock for Abby in the WLF beaurocracy.

The Last of Us Season 2 still has no release date, but you can probably catch it on Max sometime next year. In the meantime, you can catch the complete first season now streaming.


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