Next Avatar Series Set After Legend of Korra has 2025 Premiere Date

Next Avatar Series Set After Legend of Korra has 2025 Premiere Date

The Legend of Korra ended back in 2014, and though there is another attempt to bring Aang to live-action, it seems that Avatar Studios is ready to jump forward in the timeline.

As per Avatar News, a new Avatar series is in the works, and it will now focus on the next avatar in the cycle after Korra—meaning that they’re going to be coming from the Earth Kingdom. Since there was a roughly 100-year gap between Aang and Korra’s story, we should expect the same thing for this new avatar, which means his story could take place in the present day.

The series is said to aim for a premiere in 2025, the very same year that the animated film centered on an adult Aang is expected to release. Though the wait is going to be long 2025 is considered to be the real debut of Avatar Studios. Though things didn’t work out for Netflix and Nickelodeon before, I’m hoping that Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino manage to launch a whole new, Star Wars-level franchise with the world of Avatar.

I’ll admit, I am still kind of a sucker for nostalgia-baiting with the upcoming Aang movie, but I am more excited to see the new avatar in the cycle after Korra. Though we should expect some present-day elements to make it to the new world, I think we’ll also be seeing some significant differences with the bending thrown in, and with Korra releasing the spirits during her time.

Watch out for the next Avatar series when it premieres in 2025.


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