Percy Jackson Author Offers Update on Disney+ Show

Percy Jackson Author Offers Update on Disney+ Show

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With Disney acquiring Fox, they have gained the rights to the Percy Jackson franchise, and a reboot is underway for the streaming service, Disney+. Rick Riordan, who wrote the Percy Jackson series, is heavily involved with the reboot this time, and he offers us an update on the show amid quarantine.

Here’s the post:

It’s worth noting that Riordan has publicly come out to share his disdain for the Percy Jackson films, and everyone is hoping that the Disney+ series will be a more faithful reboot this time. Hopefully with Riordan being directly involved, we’ll have something that’s enjoyable for both fans of the book as well as people unfamiliar with the franchise.

While the Fox movies did feature a lot of the same elements as the films, I always thought that they lacked what made the books interesting in the first place, like the Greek gods’ way of adapting to the modern world, or the overarching plot with the titan Kronos. Maybe this time, we get an age-accurate Percy and a better take on the secret world of the Olympians from Disney.

Can I also just note that it’s fishy that Lin-Manuel Miranda should get tagged in the post? With him getting work with properties like Moana, Mary Poppins Returns, and His Dark Materials, I have no doubt there’s room for the reboot for him to play one of the gods; heck, he could be Dionysus running Camp Half-Blood if they wanted to make that happen.

No release date has been set for the Percy Jackson reboot on Disney+.


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