Peacemaker Says ‘F*ck Aquaman’ in Hilarious New Clip

Peacemaker Says ‘F*ck Aquaman’ in Hilarious New Clip

While The Suicide Squad had a lot of great characters, it looks like John Cena’s Peacemaker found a special place in director James Gunn’s heart—that’s why he’s getting his own series on HBO Max. The show is set to come out this January, and we have a new clip where Christopher Smith (Cena) trashes Aquaman.

Here’s the Peacemaker clip:

While everyone went through a significant arc in The Suicide Squad, it’s Peacemaker that kind of stays the same throughout the entire film—that’s why he made for a good surprise antagonist. I think the character is meant to have an actual arc with this series though, and maybe we can get some explanations as to why Peacemaker is the way he is; and hopefully we get to see his principles get challenged—since they’re admittedly messed up.

With characters like Green Lantern, Batgirl, and Blue Beetle allegedly getting TV series, Peacemaker is a series that kind of comes out of nowhere. While the character isn’t that popular in the comics, this lends an opportunity for Gunn to go as crazy as he wants with the show while still staying inside the DC sandbox.

I wonder if there are any big-name DC characters that could be making an appearace. My fingers are still crossed for Batfleck, but maybe we can just meet someone from Squad like Ratcatcher or Bloodsport. Maybe DC can use this to build up to the Batgirl series?

Catch Peacemaker when it starts streaming on HBO Max on Jan. 13.


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