Original Teen Titans Are Returning To Face Off With Teen Titans Go!

Original Teen Titans Are Returning To Face Off With Teen Titans Go!

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It looks like the original incarnation of the Teen Titans is going to make its way back for a crossover with the kiddy and cutesy Teen Titans Go!.

The crossover between the show was teased during the post-credits sequence of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. Not only did all five original iterations of the team appear in the post-credits scene, but Robin also made the return clear by saying that “We think we’ve found a way back.”

Check out the teaser:


This might have initially led some fans to believe that the original Teen Titans animated series would be getting another season, however the fanbase later on learned that the original iterations of the Teen Titans would be facing off their kookier, child-like selves.

A teaser supposedly taken from Titan Titans Go! To The Movies’ upcoming DVD release just recently made its way online, and i09 just confirmed with Warner Brothers that the trailer was official.Warner Brothers also revealed that Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans would be arriving sometime next year, however it still isn’t clear whether the confrontation between the two would be taking place in an episode of Teen Titans Go!  or whether it would appear in a brand new movie.

While this chance of seeing the original Teen Titans might be exciting to some, others are disappointed that the teaser at the end of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies didn’t mean that the original Titans would be getting a new season. Running for five seasons on Cartoon Network, Teen Titans was a popular and well-loved series and many were hoping for more episodes from Cartoon Network.

Hopefully this new project will help bring the Teen Titans back for good.


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