Original Percy Jackson Logan Lerman Reacts to the Incoming Disney+ Reboot

Original Percy Jackson Logan Lerman Reacts to the Incoming Disney+ Reboot

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It actually happened. After the Disney acquisition of Fox, fans have come out online to petition the Mouse House to reboot the Percy Jackson franchise since the movies haven’t done the books justice. What’s great is, Disney has accepted and we have a series underway. With that being said, we have a message from the first onscreen Percy Jackson, Logan Lerman.

This is what Lerman posted on Twitter after the news broke out:

It’s fun how Lerman kind of acknowledges that the films weren’t that great, and though he did what he could with the role, I think a lot of people thought he was miscast. If anything, Percy was supposed to be 12 when the books started; the movie had bumped him up to 16 to make the franchise more marketable I guess.

We don’t have that much details on the show, but we do know that it will be adapting the first five books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, with each book standing for one season. We don’t know how many episodes we’re going to get per season, but I’m hoping that Disney is able to dish out that Mandalorian money so we can have a visually spectacular series as well.

Let’s also hope they cast age-appropriate kids this time. Then again, with the appeal of the young cast of Stranger Things and IT, I think Disney will be set on having the show start with youngsters that will mature as the series goes along.

No release date has been set for the Percy Jackson series on Disney+.


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