Original Cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender Slams Netflix for Their Live-Action Adaptation

Original Cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender Slams Netflix for Their Live-Action Adaptation

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Fans were excited to find out that Netflix was going to do a live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender with showrunners Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, but they were all disappointed when DiMartino and Konietzko exited the project with Netflix pushing through. While fans already know how the ATLA showrunners feel about the split, voice actors who had worked on the original show have come to voice their takes on the upcoming live-action Avatar.

During a virtual reunion of the original cast (via Uproxx), Appa and Momo voice actor Dee Bradley Baker said, “I just don’t know how you fulfill that any better than [the animated] show did… I’m open to whatever they do with the live-action series, which I know nothing about, but it’s like, ‘Well, how do you do this better than the way that it was rendered on this show?’ I don’t know how you do that! I hope you can.”


Ty Lee voice actress Olivia Hack also said, “Especially when you’re doing the exact same series, but as a live-action. You’re not adding onto it or expanding the universe. You’re doing the same thing, which feels redundant, but I don’t know.”

Admittedly, after news came out of DiMartino and Konietzko’s exit, a lot of fans have been calling out Netflix, saying that they should just cancel the whole thing altogether. Even now we still have no announcement of a new showrunner or even a cast.

Personally, if they were to tell a live-action Avatar story, they should really just tell a whole new one. I think more people would have been excited following a grown-up Team Avatar taking on a whole new mission or maybe even the Avatar who follows after Korra. How crazy would it be if it was set current era, but with bending?

As of now, no release date has been set for Netflix’s live-action Avatar.


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