Listen to *NSYNC’s New Single ‘Better Place’ from Trolls Band Together

Listen to *NSYNC’s New Single ‘Better Place’ from Trolls Band Together

One of the biggest hooks of DreamWorks’ Troll films has been the music, and with Trolls Band Together, they are hyping up a new single from none other than Justin Timberlake’s original boy band, NSYNC.

The band had just released their song Better Place, and we have a full lyric video including some clips from the film. Watch this:

We don’t exactly know where this song is going to be in the film, but so far the Trolls movies have been releasing their big songs before the premiere of the actual movie. My guess is this plays around the time everyone bands together and stops whoever the film’s villain is going to be around the third act; either that, or it’s the song from the flashback where we see Baby Branch with his brothers.

With Timberlake having worked hard to evolve from his boy band image, it’s kind of great to see him come back with *NSYNC after 20 years—with a new single as well. We don’t know how the film will be received yet, but if the music is great, I’m sure they can keep the Trolls movies coming.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Poppy discovers that Branch and his four brothers were once part of her favorite boy band. When one of his siblings, Floyd, gets kidnapped by a pair of nefarious villains, Branch and Poppy embark on a harrowing and emotional journey to reunite the other brothers and rescue Floyd from a fate even worse than pop culture obscurity.

Trolls Band Together comes to cinemas on Nov. 17.


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