MCU’s X-Men Reboot Allegedly NOT Including Wolverine

MCU’s X-Men Reboot Allegedly NOT Including Wolverine

Ever since Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has been the center of the franchise, spawning multiple solo films, and even a return in the upcoming Deadpool 3. With fans debating on whether someone else should take over the character, there’s been a little rumor going around that Marvel Studios doesn’t actually want to kick off their rebooted X-Men with Logan at all.

According to @CanWeGetToast, the MCU’s X-Men will start with a lineup that doesn’t include Wolverine. Here’s the post:

Though Jackman is pretty much beloved in the Wolverine role, a lot of fans (specifically comic fans) have felt that the films have a tendency to focus on him too much and make everyone else a supporting character. By not having Logan appear in the first film, there would be a lot of room to develop other X-Men including originals like Cyclops and Jean Grey.

If anything, movies like X-Men: First Class have proven that an X-film can work without having heavy involvement from Logan. As long as we have a solid core group of X-Men with the strong themes of discrimination at the core, I’m sure Marvel Studios will find a way to reboot the franchise for the current generation of audience members.

I’m just here curious on whether they can still make Magneto a holocaust survivor, because he would have to be really old by the time the film comes out.

No release date has been set for the new X-Men, but rumors suggest it could come out after Avengers: Secret Wars which releases in 2026.


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