*NYSNC Teases New Song (in Over 20 Years) in Latest Trailer for Trolls Band Together

*NYSNC Teases New Song (in Over 20 Years) in Latest Trailer for Trolls Band Together

Justin Timberlake may have left his boy band days behind him, but it looks like the next Trolls movie is going to be bringing that back for him with Band Together.

A new trailer has been dropped for the film, and it teases a whole new song by none other than Timberlake’s original boy band, *NYSYNC. Watch this:

With the earlier Trolls movies having released hit songs with Can’t Stop the Feeling and Just Sing, it would only make sense that Band Together would also have a killer soundtrack. To think that they actually got *NSYNC to come together and make a new song with Timberlake again after 20 years is pretty crazy.

We’ve also known for a while that Branch was going to be reuniting with his extended family in this film, but it’s also great that it’s been revealed that Poppy also has her own long lost sister voiced by Camila Cabello.

Though the Trolls films never did get the level of box office status that Shrek or Kung Fu Panda had, they are still very solid films on their own right, and their soundtracks are always worth looking out for. Adults today may not bother with the hype around Trolls, but I’m sure the kids who grew up around the 2010s who watched the films on repeat are going to be buzzing about Poppy and Branch in the next decade.

Watch out for Trolls Band Together when it hits theaters on Nov. 17.


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