Nintendo NES Classic Consoles Appear on eBay for up to $1500

Nintendo NES Classic Consoles Appear on eBay for up to $1500

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Today, Nintendo released the micro version of their beloved NES console, the NES Classic. They appear to have sold out at retail. A limited amount of stock supplied to retailers has reportedly left many Nintendo fans unhappy. Now the only way to purchase the console is to pay far beyond the $60 price tag on eBay (via Polygon).

At the time of writing, there are 631 listings on eBay for the NES Classic, with prices ranging from $140 to just under $1,500. The consistent price across the board is around the $200 mark, which is still over three times the retail price. You might be able to find one or two floating around online. However, the majority of websites and retailers have sold out completely. Nintendo has confirmed there will be a second wave of the NES Classics heading to retailers in a few weeks. So, if you’re eager to get your hands on one or purchase one as a Christmas present, be sure to have pages booked marked and stores on speed dial. Polygon has a handy breakdown of US retailers that will stock the NES Classic.

Ever since Nintendo surprised many with the announcement of the NES Classic in July, attention’s shifted from the NX to the miniaturised retro console of many gamer’s childhoods. The NES Classic is a near identical replica of the original console that released in 1985. It also comes packed with an original NES controller and a nostalgic library of 30 games. Some of these games include The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros., Metroid and Donkey Kong. In terms of console launch lineups, this may be one of the strongest — even if it isn’t exactly a new console.

The launch of the NES Classic is more than a trip down memory lane. It’s also an ingenious way to get people talking about Nintendo again and excited for the Switch launching early next year. After being overshadowed for so long this console generation, it’s time for Nintendo to rise with both the old and the new.

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