Next Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Allegedly a ‘Soft Reboot’

Next Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Allegedly a ‘Soft Reboot’

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The Pirates of the Caribbean  franchise had found itself at a new low with Dead Men Tell No Tales, but Disney is set to make a sixth entry, but it won’t be a continuation of the last film.

According to The DisInsider’s Skyler Shuler, POTC 6 is said to be a ‘soft reboot’ of the franchise, not unlike Bumblebee was for the Transformers films. Here’s the post:

With that in mind, it’s possible that Jack Sparrow could still make a return in the film. While it looked like Johnny Depp was done playing the role, recent revelations about his clash with ex-wife Amber Heard have lead everyone to be back on his side. Now it’s Heard who’s facing trouble losing her job seeing everyone wants her out of Aquaman 2.

Personally, I thought that Depp felt kind of exhausted in the last Pirates film, and you can see that his Jack Sparrow had lost the enthusiasm and energy that he had in the first three films. I think the Pirates movies have kind of forgot that Sparrow is supposed to be an anti-hero of the franchise—he’s not the main lead.

Rumors are going around that Karen Gillan is being eyed for the lead role of this Pirates reboot. We don’t really know what the story will be, but I’m hoping that Disney finds a way to add that fire that the earlier three films had. If not, I’m fine with the franchise being laid to rest.

No release date has been set for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


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