Next Doctor Strange Villain Said to be Shuma-Gorath

Next Doctor Strange Villain Said to be Shuma-Gorath

Though we haven’t had any official reveals for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness yet, rumors have been going around that the film will have Strange and the Scarlet Witch going up against Nightmare. A new rumor has come out though, that Strange is going to be battling a villain that is a lot weirder.

As per Illuminerdi, the Doctor Strange sequel will be bringing in the one-eyed tentacle monster Shuma-Gorath. What’s more, it’s said that Shuma-Gorath will be directly tied to the upcoming Young Avenger America Chavez. The film is said to have Shuma-Gorath going after America in order to use her powers to control the multiverse.

Besides being a prominent character in the early Marvel vs. Capcom games, Shuma-Gorath was a Doctor Strange villain that was said to have ruled the prehistoric world until being banished to another dimension. He’s described as an ‘ancient force of chaos’ and is capable of shapeshifting, teleportation, levitation, and all other kids of magic.

Of course, these are just rumors for now, but this was a character that definitely felt like a more interesting choice compared to Mephisto or Nightmare. With Baron Mordo expected to make a return as well, fans can’t help but be concerned that the Doctor Strange sequel is getting too crowded. Hopefully it won’t come to that, and let’s also just hope that director Sam Raimi could find a way to make Shuma-Gorath disntinct from another tentacle villain coming to The Suicide Squad, Starro the Conquerer.

Catch Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness when it comes out on March 23, 2022.


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