David Tennant is Back in Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials

David Tennant is Back in Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials

Donna Noble’s arc in Doctor Who ends with her completely forgetting her time with the David Tennant’s Doctor, but the BBC is bringing both Tennant and Catherine Tate back for the 60th anniversary of Who. Just in, we have a new trailer, and it teases the Doctor’s next adventure—as well as his next incarnation in the form of Ncuti Gatwa.

Check this out:

We don’t have a breakdown of the plot yet, but it does have something to do with Donna being able to remember the Doctor—which absolutely cannot happen. Seeing that Donna forgetting the Doctor is kind of a tragic arc, maybe they plan on restoring her memories without it having to be some kind of world-ending scenario.

Though the series mostly brings in other British actors to play against the Doctor, this time around they’ve brought in Neil Patrick Harris to be some kind of cosmic magician that could be kidnapping aliens from all around the galaxy to add to his show.

I’ll admit, it’s a nice surprise to see Tennant back, but I was kind of hoping for a ‘passing of the torch’ moment from Jodie Whittaker to Gatwa. Maybe the series will give us that, but if they manage to write a short, meaningful appearance from Tennant, then I’m all in.

I just hope they don’t lean in too much to the nostalgia of Tennant being a fan-favorite by a lot of old fans.

Doctor Who returns to the BBC in 2023.


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