Newly Leaked Title For Star Wars: Episode IX Isn’t What Fans Would Expect

Newly Leaked Title For Star Wars: Episode IX Isn’t What Fans Would Expect

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Without any official information from Lucasfilm about Star Wars: Episode IX, fans have been turning to whatever leak and rumor they can find online to help keep them going till the film’s release in December. For the past few months, Star Wars fans have been desperately hoping for a trailer release, and while many wait for Episode IX’s title release, some have begun contemplating the different “title leaks” on the internet.

One of the most recent “leaks” that’s started running up and down the mill suggests a very different title for Lucasfilm’s third and final sequel trilogy installment. According to a new post on 4chan (via Express), there’s a newly leaked Episode IX title, and tonally its very different from what fans might expect.

While most rumors say that Episode IX might be named A New Order, The Last Hope, or Son of Darkness, the new leak suggests a longer and brighter title for the film, saying that The Last Jedi sequel might actually be dubbed A Light in the Dark once it hits the big screen.

It’s a mouthful, to say the least. Sure, there has been talk going around that Episode IX might be named something far different from what many expect, but A Light in Dark doesn’t sound like a Star Wars title.

Fans also ought to take this new rumor with a grain of salt. The source of this leak on 4chan also released a detailed scene-by-scene breakdown for the highly anticipated trailer for Episode IX – one that’s been widely debunked by fans on both 4chan and Reddit.

Honestly, it doesn’t hurt being patient. Let’s wait and see what Lucasfilm has planned for us.

Star Wars: Episode IX premieres December 20, 2019.


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