New Details on HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series

New Details on HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series

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With HBO set to join the streaming wars with HBO Max later this year, the platform is currently looking for some original content—one of which is a Green Lantern series. Just in, we have some new details on the show that gives us a good idea of what to expect.

Talking during the TCA 2020 press tour (via The Wrap) HBO Max’s head of originals Sarah Aubrey had said that the Green Lantern show is still in early stages with Greg Berlanti, and that the story “will span several decades and focus on the origin stories of two major Green Lanterns on Earth.”

We don’t have any details on who those Lanterns will be, but seeing that Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart are arguably the most popular GL’s, it would make sense that the show could be focused on them. Personally I would love to see some more of the less popular Lanterns like Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner.

Speaking of Lanterns, the show is also set to have Sinestro make an appearance. If you follow the lore, we know that Sinestro is a villain who harnesses the power of the Yellow Lantern, but before that he actually worked for the GL Corps. No doubt we’re going to see him make another rise and fall when it comes to this series. Then again, I would be interested if the show managed to come up with Sinestro story that didn’t play out like the film.

We don’t have any release date for this Green Lantern series yet, but HBO Max is set to launch this coming May.



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