‘Lord of the Rings’ Meets ‘Training Day’ in New ‘Bright’ Pictures

‘Lord of the Rings’ Meets ‘Training Day’ in New ‘Bright’ Pictures

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Entertainment Weekly have been given some exclusive stills from forthcoming Netflix fantasy actioner, Bright. See them below:



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When a trailer dropped during the recent Academy Awards ceremony, interest was piqued for a number of reasons. David Ayer was making this his first post-Suicide Squad gig, and the movie was in a sub-genre that had yielded stunning results with his cops-on-the-beat drama, End of Watch. Then there was Will Smith, fresh from turning in his most enduring performance in a long while as Deadshot, teaming up with a director who he clearly likes working with. Throw in Noomi Rapace looking otherworldly underneath a layer of neon Elven make-up, a vibe reminiscent of Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy universe, and Bright fast became something we wanted to see more of.

Well, aside from a couple more pics of Will Smith looking moody, the biggest revelation that comes from the images is that the always great Joel Edgerton will also be caked in make-up as his orc partner, Jakoby. Yes, you read that correctly, an orc. For whilst the trailer had hinted at the underbelly of a fantasy world, it appears that the Max Landis script actually throws the two worlds together in co-existence. Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more iterations of the buddy-movie, along comes a cop and an orc.

Smith tells EW that Bright is like Training Day meets The Lord of the Rings, which the pictures would attest to, and frankly, we’re down with that kind of mash-up.

This genre melting pot should allow for some timely real world comparisons, with factions of society clashing over their differences, in a world in which the use of magic is banned. Let’s hope Ayer can add some subtext to compliment his obvious grasp on style.

Bright will see the light of day when it’s released on December 17th.

Images: NETFLIX.


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