Netflix Releases Anime Intro for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Netflix Releases Anime Intro for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Scott Pilgrim may have skipped the animated adaptation route to go straight to a movie, but more than a decade after the film’s release, fans are finally going to get the anime treatment for Scott Pilgrim and his kooky friends from Toronto.

The anime Scott Pilgrim Takes Off premieres on Nov. 17, and Netflix has released the opening theme complete with stellar animation from Science Saru:

Though Scott Pilgrim is very clear about its anime and video game influence, some fans have pointed out that this intro harkens back to classic anime Beck which came out around the mid ‘00s. Here’s a comparison:

Anime fans also recognized the band Necry Talkie for providing the intro to the Scott Pilgrim anime; they’re also the same band who provided the intro song for Kanojo mo Kanojo.

Though Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is trying to carve out its own way when it comes to the adaptation, a lot of influence from the film is still very clear; especially with the return of all the main cast members of the movie including Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Kieran Culkin. They even managed to bring back some A-listers including Chris Evans and Brie Larson.

The movie may have been a decent adaptation by itself, but any fan who read the comic knows that the manga does have a more bombastic ending, especially when it comes to the face off with Gideon and the rest of his exes.

It’s unclear if the whole season will adapt the manga, but I can imagine them spending each season just tackling one or two evil exes rather than speeding through seven.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix on Nov. 17.


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