Watch First Trailer for Netflix’s Reality Show Based on Squid Game

Watch First Trailer for Netflix’s Reality Show Based on Squid Game

Squid Game came out to be one of the biggest shows on Netflix ever, and though we know a second season is in the way, the streaming service had greenlit a reality game show based on the actual series which put contestants in situations parallel to the show.

Squid Game: The Challenge is set to come out late November, and we have our first look at the series here:

The official description of the series reads: “As they compete through a series of games inspired by the original show — plus surprising new additions — their strategies, alliances, and character will be put to the test while competitors are eliminated around them.”

Since this is a reality show, we don’t actually expect any of the contestants to actually be killed like in the series; but it does look like they’re going to be put through the same kind of challenges in the show—specifically the games, from the game of red-light-green-light to the suspension bridge where people could just fall.

You’ll also notice that the contestants have also been rigged with bloody squibs which can be set to blow whenever they’re eliminated, making it look like they’ve been shot—just like in the show.

What is interesting is that The Sun had reported earlier in January that multiple contestants from the game had come forward complaining about ‘inhumane’ conditions that the show had put them through, particularly having them stand still in freezing weather as they shot the red-light-green-light sequence. Contestants had described it like a ‘war zone’ and said that ‘some were crawling at the end,’ with a person having to be taken out with a stretcher.

Netflix, on the other hand, released this statement: “While it was very cold on set — and participants were prepared for that — any claims of serious injury are untrue.”

Squid Game: The Challenge premieres on Netflix on Nov. 22.


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