Midseason Trailer for Star Wars Resistance Confirms TFA Overlap

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With the story taking place six months before the events of The Force Awakens, it was sure that the story of Star Wars Resistance would overlap at some point. What we didn’t expect though, was that the stories would be overlapping so soon. The latest midseason trailer for Resistance proves that.

If you listen closely, the hologram of General Hux is saying the same speech from The Force Awakens, and it’s possible that Kazuda will be spending the next half of the season grieving over the loss of his home, Hosnian Prime.

If you’ve paid attention to the first season, it keeps on building on Kaz and his sheltered life, and I’m guessing the loss of his homeworld will lead to Kaz being a lot more serious about his job working for the Resistance. I wonder if it’s too late to have any of the characters on the show mentioned in the upcoming Star Wars Episode IX.

Lucasfilm has already greenlit Resistance for a second season, and with the show already overlapping with The Force Awakens, I wonder just how much of the main sequel trilogy will we be seeing in the show. Will we know what Kaz and the others are up to during the Battle of Crait? Will we watch people on the Colossus reacting to the return of Luke Skywalker?

Star Wars Resistance returns Jan. 13 on Disney Channel, and the second season of the show is expected to come out later this year.


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