‘Micronauts’ Movie to Launch in 2020

‘Micronauts’ Movie to Launch in 2020

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After their journey of creating the movie franchise for Transformers, Hasbro and Paramount are teaming up again to create yet another movie franchise (or maybe an extension of the G.I. Joe franchise) featuring a toy franchise back in the late 70’s up to the 80’s which is the Micronauts. It might not sound familiar to many especially with those who aren’t from that generation where these things were still trendy. Micronauts was a  toyline back in the 70’s that was then adapted into a Marvel Comic Book series.

Micronauts were designed with clever interchangeable parts much like the Lego character toys that we have today, but it was leaning into a more action-packed experience as each toy character has their unique features, so if you are into collecting random toys with different functions, this would’ve been a thing for you. Unfortunately, the franchise only lasted for a couple of years before Mego Corporation shut it down due to financial bankruptcy.

Now, Paramount and Hasbro said that they are planning to combine G.I. Joe with Micronauts, Visionaries, M.A.S.K. and Rom all in one shared movie universe. Some of these toy lines such as Visionaries weren’t successful as well back then, and it only lasted for a year so we’re not entirely sure of what to expect here. However, considering that the G.I. franchise is doing great and coming up on its third movie, there might be hope for a Micronauts movie.

Let’s not jump to conclusions yet, who knows, maybe they have a big plan for this franchise, it might bring back the Micronauts toy line in the market or it might create a new movie franchise. All we know for now is that the Micronauts movie will premiere on the big screen in October 2020.


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