Merch Reveals Michael Keaton’s Updated Batwing from The Flash

Merch Reveals Michael Keaton’s Updated Batwing from The Flash

When it comes to comic book movie shots, one of the most iconic is definitely the Batwing flying in front of the moon in Tim Burton’s Batman. With Michael Keaton set to return in The Flash, some merchandise has revealed a new look at the Batwing.

Check this out:

It’s not the exact Batwing from the movie, but you can see a lot of design elements are still the same, with the placement of the cockpit and the ‘horns.’ The overall silhouette is also changed, not being as circular as the one we saw in the original Batman.

With Ben Affleck’s Batman being modern in terms of today’s tech advancements, it’s interesting to wonder just how Keaton’s Batman would be technologically advanced in his world. I’m excited to see the Batwing again, but what else does he have up his sleeves?

Besides his gadgets and vehicles, I wonder if modern Gotham is still going to be as steam-covered and dark as the one we got in the Burton movies. It would be great if they were able to invoke that same feeling audiences in the 80s got when they saw Gotham, but with today’s crowd.

With a release set for June, DC sure is taking its time to reveal to us the first teaser for The Flash. They say it’s because the VFX required just really needs the time to be polished, but some believe that WB is just waiting for all the buzz to die down on Ezra Miller’s latest headlines.

Catch The Flash when he finally runs into theaters on July 16, 2023.


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