Lee Dong-seok Allegedly Returning for Eternals Sequel

Lee Dong-seok Allegedly Returning for Eternals Sequel

Eternals was admittedly not the success that Marvel Studios was hoping for, but it did manage to open up the lore of the universe with the introduction of Celestials. Lee Dong-seok (or Don Lee) had played Gilgamesh for the ensemble, and though his character died in the first film, word has it he’ll be coming back for a sequel.

This comes from @marvel_update3s which says this was confirmed by Lee’s agency and management team. Here’s the post:

As of now, Marvel is yet to announce a sequel to Eternals, but word going around is that Tiamut, the aborted Celestial from the movie, is going to become a huge plot point for future Marvel films, with several other countries trying to claim it for its adamantium.

As for Lee’s return, I would think that his death was already pretty definite in Eternals. With the reveal that Sersi and her friends were all just robots developed by the Celestials, I think it’s possible Lee could return as an alternate Gilgamesh—one that could be working for the Celestials against the Eternals.

Then again, I’m just speculating with what I have.

Though Eternals did try to introduce some new things to the MCU, the film was met with a divisive reception. Admittedly, the movie is pretty slow, and the characters are not that endearing. When it comes to its concept and scale though, the movie was still pretty great in those aspects.

Will we finally get to see them clash with Harry Styles in the next one? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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