Michael Keaton in Talks to Reprise Batman in The Flash

Michael Keaton in Talks to Reprise Batman in The Flash

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It may have taken a while, but The Flash is finally moving forward with director Andy Muschietti. As speculated, the movie is going to deal with multiverses, and word has it that one classic Batman is going to be making a comeback – the one played by Michael Keaton.

As per The Wrap, Michael Keaton is in talks to reprise his older Bruce Wayne for The Flash. It seems like the studio no longer wants to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprise his role as Thomas Wayne to play the Flashpoint Batman. We don’t have much details on the size of Keaton’s role, but we do know that it will introduce the concept of a Multi-verse to the DCEU, making it possible for multiple versions of one character to exist in the canon.

While I would love to see Keaton return as Batman, I’m still crossing my fingers for confirmation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will get to play the Thomas Wayne Batman in the film. If the movie were to take on the Flashpoint storyline, then this would be the only time they could bring in this version of the Caped Crusader to the big screen. Any other way may not have as much impact.

Until we get official confirmation from Keaton or WB, we should just take this as a rumor for now. With Keaton making a comeback with comic book films like Spider-Man and Morbius, it would be great to see how his version of Bruce Wayne has grown over the years. Maybe we can even get glimpses at different versions of the character’s rogues in the background. Let’s wait and see what the studio has planned for the film.

For now, The Flash is set for a release on June 2, 2022.


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