Meet Saul Goodman in New Teaser for Better Call Saul 5

Meet Saul Goodman in New Teaser for Better Call Saul 5

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Better Call Saul may have been on hiatus last year because of El Camino, but the show is ready to come back for its fifth season this coming February. Just in, we have a new teaser featuring Jimmy/Saul, plus a new poster as well.

Check it out:

And here’s the poster:

Better Call Saul manages to keep delivering with these fantastic posters. I guess it’s not so subtle this time, but the poster is clearly playing at Saul Goodman who “doesn’t have a heart” the way that Jimmy McGill did.

With this teaser dropped, hopefully we get a full trailer before the month of January ends. Besides the characters we’ve already met in BCS, I’m eager to see more of the new Salamanca threat Lalo.

If you do go back to Breaking Bad and check out Saul in that series, it’s clear that he’s way more sleazy and eager to throw people under the bus for his own gains. While the character is fun, let’s not forget that he was eager to let Badger get murdered in prison in case Walt and Jesse didn’t cough up enough cash to let him help.

Though we’re going to see Jimmy make the transition to Saul in this season, I bet we’re still going to get some form of conscience from him. In a way, Jimmy is still far from the Saul Goodman that we met in Breaking Bad. Besides the transition, I’m hoping we finally get to see more of the present timeline with Jimmy’s new persona Gene Takovic.

Catch the fifth season of Better Call Saul when it premiers this coming Feb. 23.


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