Star Wars: Ahsoka Series Gets New Batch of Character Posters

Star Wars: Ahsoka Series Gets New Batch of Character Posters

After a divisive season of The Mandalorian, fans are looking forward to the Ahsoka series later this month, which will bring in multiple fan-favorites from animated shows like Rebels and The Clone Wars. To prep for the premiere in a few weeks, Disney+ has released some new character posters featuring Ahsoka and the rebels as well as the mysterious figures that will be coming after them.

Check these out:

Though we are expected to see more characters than just Ahsoka, Sabine, and Hera, the poster could possibly hint that the three will be at the center of the series; let’s also not forget that Ezra is also going to be in the show, and it’s him that Ahsoka and Sabine will be looking for.

As for the Dark Side users in the show, it’s unclear whether they are Sith or simply Inquistors, but some think that them brandishing orange lightsaber could mean that they’re in a completely independent faction—maybe one that’s more loyal to Thrawn than to Palpatine.

So far, the series looks like every other Star Wars show, but with Dave Filoni at the helm, you can bet a lot of fans are going to be tuning in for the premiere day. Though Mandalorian didn’t have the best reception, Andor was still critically acclaimed, and it would be great if Ahsoka managed to follow suit.

Watch out for the 2-episode premiere of Ahsoka on Disney+ this coming Aug. 23.


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