Matt Reeves: Production for The Batman has Officially Begun

Matt Reeves: Production for The Batman has Officially Begun

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It’s been years since Matt Reeves was announced to direct The Batman, and after some long waiting, it looks like the film has finally started production.

Just in, Reeves’ has posted that filming has already begun for the movie, and he gives us a teaser of the clapper:

We don’t know what scene this is from, but I can imagine that the couch is something in Wayne manor. Then again, you can find a couch anywhere from a villain lair to the police station.

What fans really want though, is a first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman. We had teaser of Ben Affleck’s version while production was ongoing for Batman v Superman, so hopefully Reeves will give us a look at ‘Battinson’ in a few weeks. It’s probably the least he could do for taking his time with this movie.

While a lot of fans are bummed out that Affleck won’t be coming back as the Dark Knight, it has been confirmed by the casting of The Batman that this movie will take place in a timeline alternate from the DCEU. At least this gives us hope that maybe Batfleck could come back in the future, seeing that the rest of the Justice League heroes are pretty much still onboard—even Henry Cavill.

Who knows, with Joker introducing an alternate DC Universe, maybe The Flash movie can give us a connection between multiverses? It’s just a pitch, but Marvel Studios hasn’t even tackled the multiverse thing yet. With Doctor Strange 2 possibly getting delayed, I think DC should just lean in on that.

For now, we wait for The Batman which will release in theaters June 25, 2021.



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