Marvel Rivals Reveals Gameplay for Loki

Marvel Rivals Reveals Gameplay for Loki

The start of the month had Marvel and NetEase announcing their Marvel-based Overwatch clone called Marvel Rivals, and though we don’t have a release date yet, the content for the game has started to trickle out slowly.

Thanks to IGN, we have a gameplay reveal for the God of Mischief himself, Loki. Check this out:

Take a look at the latest featuring Loki Laufeyson, Asgard’s cunning trickster. Loki’s mystic illusions and shapeshifting power make him a devious Strategist.

Based on what we see on the reveal, Loki’s staff is going to be his primary weapon, and he’s expected to be a long range hero. His character is also given the ability to make illusions of himself, which should be handy when he needs to make a hasty escape. It also does look like he can teleport around a map.

When it comes to what I assume is Loki’s ultimate ability, he’s able to copy a hero and perform their ultimate as well. It’s pretty much Overwatch’s Echo and her ultimate.

Loki’s is just the first of several other incoming characters. We haven’t even got to the characters that the game hasn’t revealed yet. No doubt the game has several characters to bring into the game, from the Fantastic Four to the full roster of X-Men.

For now, we’re only getting bits and pieces of the game, but we should expect this to be a real moneymaker for Marvel and NetEase. No wonder they made the game free-to-play.

No release date has been set for Marvel Rivals, but fans are hoping it will be available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The closed alpha for the game is set to launch this May.


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