Marvel Drops New Poster for The Fantastic Four on 4-4

Marvel Drops New Poster for The Fantastic Four on 4-4

The Avengers may be the biggest team-up for the MCU, but the studio is also gearing up for the coming of Marvel’s first family in the form of The Fantastic Four.

Since it is April 4 a.k.a. 4-4, Marvel Studios has dropped a new poster featuring Joseph Quinn’s Human Torch, but there’s even more to it:

Besides the classic Torch look with the ‘4’ on his chest, fans have also noticed that there is a different kind of futuristic city in the background—which kind of confirms that the movie is going to be taking place in an alternate reality to the MCU.

If you also look at the link on the post,  it will send you on a tiny Easter Egg hunt. You may as well click on it now if you don’t want the game to be spoiled, but if you don’t have the time, the final destination of the game will bring you to a page for the Future Foundation an alternate rebranding of the Fantastic Four, and Marvel has given access to fans for the main comics that will inspire the upcoming film. They include:

Fantastic Four #1 – The first appearance of the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #48 , #49, and #50 – The coming of the Silver Surfer and the threat of Galactus

Fantastic Four: Life Story – A look back at the Fantastic Four over the years

A lot of these stories take place in the 60s, so we should get a good idea of what kind of tone we can expect from the upcoming movie. With the plot taking place in an alternate universe, a lot of fans are convinced that we’re definitely going to see Galactus eat the planet—so the F4 will know just how huge a threat he is when they get to the prime universe of the MCU.

Then again, that’s just speculation.

For now, The Fantastic Four is set to release in theatres on July 25, 2025.


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