Was Mark Hamill’s Original Statements About The Last Jedi Correct?

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If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you’re probably familiar with the recent remarks from Mark Hamill, who was not satisfied with how his character turned out in the movie. He merely said that it wasn’t the Luke Skywalker that he knows and it was far from what he has expected. This was before The Last Jedi hit theatres.

In an interview with Collider, Hamill said that his character has changed since the George Lucas films, he admitted that he felt as if Luke became another character calling him ‘Jake Skywalker’ instead. The film caused a lot of discussion in social media while the reviews and reactions from the fans were not that pleasing, although it received good criticisms as well and even scored 3.2 out 5 as an average audience score and a 92% average on rotten tomatoes.

Though Mark Hamill disagrees with the characterization he now says that he was wrong in making those statements in a tweet made on December 26th.

Of course, Mark Hamill may have initially disagreed with the characterization of Luke, but we still think he did a great job, we’re just not sure if he had to apologize especially after seeing the backlash from audiences on The Last Jedi. So we leave it to you did Mark Hamill have to apologize or do you think he was correct in his original statements on Luke Skywalker?


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