Love and Thunder Promo Art Previews New Thor Costumes

Love and Thunder Promo Art Previews New Thor Costumes

With the movie set to come out this July, we should be getting our first look at Thor: Love and Thunder soon. But while we wait for Marvel Studios to drop the first stills and previews, some promo material has given us a look at Thor’s new outfit, as well as the new wielder of Mjolnir, Jane Foster.

Check them out:

With Thor: Ragnarok really embracing the wacky colors and Flash Gordon aesthetic, it looks like Love and Thunder will be doing the same. This is probably the brightest we’ve ever seen the Son of Odin colored, which can’t be said for the more muted colors of Jane Foster’s costume; but I guess red does go with blue.

If anything, she looks like Lady Sif, who made her last appearance in Loki, and is said to be coming back for Love and Thunder. Let’s just hope she gets a better role this time; if anything, she would have been the best in line to be the new Thor, seeing as she actually kicked ass alongside him, unlike Foster who is more on the science side of things.

Though the franchise started out with a Lord of the Rings vibe, it seems that Thor is now set on its more comedic route. I’m just hoping that director Taika Waititi gives the film some more emotional stakes. Ragnarok was fun, but it didn’t have the same drama as Waititi’s other work like, Hunt for the WIlderpeople or Jojo Rabbit.

Catch Thor: Love and Thunder when it hits theaters on July 08.


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