Clone High Returns in Trailer for HBO Max Revival

Clone High Returns in Trailer for HBO Max Revival

WB Discovery may have axed the animation department like J.G. Quintel’s Close Enough, but one animated series is coming back from the dead with Clone High.

Just in, we have our first teaser, and characters from the original series have been given new classmates in the form of Confucius, Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo, and more. Check this out:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Historical figures who have been cloned and placed back in high school, including Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, John F. Kennedy and more, as they face the trials of normal teenage life.

One character that won’t be returning in the show is Ghandi, who was said to have been considered offensive by India, and was said to be the reason the series was cancelled in that country. If anything, the reboot is said to be addressing Ghandi’s absence, so at least his fate isn’t up in the air.

I guess it’s worth mentioning that this show was created by Bill Lawrence, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, all of whom have been behind some of the most critically praised projects today from Ted Lasso to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. With so much love backing the original series, it’s kind of crazy to think that Clone High is coming back; and they’ve managed to keep them teenagers in this show as well.

Clone High is set to premiere on HBO Max this Spring.


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