Loki Director on God of Mischief’s Bisexual Identity

Loki Director on God of Mischief’s Bisexual Identity

Disney has always been taking baby steps when it comes to representation, but the latest episode of Loki had just confirmed that Marvel’s God of Mischief was bisexual. While it can be considered just a small line, series director Kate Herron has expressed online how important the scene was for her.

This was her post on Twitter:


While Loki was never show to have any sexual interests in the whole of the Infinity War Saga, it felt like the series was going to address it, what with Loki’s gender being identified as ‘fluid.’ We don’t know if the series is going to delve more into that in the future, but for now, we should consider this exchange between Loki and Sylvie a small win.

As of now, the series still has some mysteries to overturn. While the identity of the Time-Keepers seems like the big reveal of the show, for now, Loki is interested is showing us the dynamic between Loki and Sylvie. While the two are working together (for now), Sylvie’s backstory is still a mystery, and we don’t know what she has planned for the TVA.

Though fans criticized The Falcon and The Winter Soldier for going back to the Marvel formula, Loki is going weird again—and some can even say more than WandaVision. Hopefully Herron and her team have some more interesting surprises in store for the remainder of the series, seeing that we’re already halfway through.

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