Live-Action Mulan Officially Coming to Disney+… for a Price

Live-Action Mulan Officially Coming to Disney+… for a Price

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Like many other studios before it, Disney has finally caved and has decided to release the live-action adaptation Mulan on their streaming service.

According to Variety, Mulan is now set to come out on Disney+ this Sept. 4, but unlike all the other films on the service that come with the subscription fee, audiences will have to pay $29.99 to “rent” the movie. For countries that don’t have Disney+ yet, Mulan is still expected to come out in theaters.

Already some fans are going heads or tails over the decision to have already paying subscribers pay additional for Mulan. Though it may seem like a lot to rent a movie, some think that a $30-dollar price tag is already the equivalent of paying for a ticket for each of your family members (that is, if theaters were still a thing). With Netflix offering originals available for any subscriber, some fans think that Disney should also do the same for this movie.

While I personally would prefer not to pay more for Mulan, I guess Disney kind of had to make a hard choice. The project has a budget larger than any Netflix movie, and Disney+ has a cheaper subscription fee that Netflix does.

If anything, Disney is still testing the waters and the movie will be a sort of test run for other movies in they are eager to release like The New Mutants and Black Widow. Disney CEO Bob Chapek says, “Mulan’s” big move isn’t reflective of a new business model for the company — even though it kind of is… We’re looking at ‘Mulan’ as a one-off as opposed to saying there’s some new business windowing model that we’re looking at,”

Catch Mulan on Disney+ and select theaters on Sept. 4.


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