Kylo Ren Gets New Alter-Ego On SNL

Kylo Ren Gets New Alter-Ego On SNL

Back in 2016, we got a memorable Saturday Night Live skit with Adam Driver where he plays the part of Kylo Ren disguised as Matt the Radar Technician. Now with Driverโ€™s recent SNL appearance, he reprises the role of Kylo, but this time, the Supreme Leader is disguised as Randy the Entry-Level Intern.

Check it out:

While I thought the first skit with Matt went to more places, this new one with Randy still has some great moments. For one, heโ€™s still as awkward as ever, and itโ€™s wonderfully authentic when Randy tries to wrangle a droid and he goes, โ€œStop moving!โ€ You also have to love Kyloโ€™s sudden bursts of threats and misuse of memes.

With a lot of people saying that Ben Solo was โ€˜ruinedโ€™ with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, fans are saying that SNL was able to give us better characterization for him that TROS did. If anything, Iโ€™m just happy to see that Driver has a sense of humor, and he really seems to be in tune with how Kylo thinksโ€”which what makes these sketches so great.

For now it looks like Ben Soloโ€™s story is over for Star Wars, and weโ€™re going to be getting a whole new era of the franchise come 2022. Personally, I hope we get some kind of epilogue movie for TROS which will properly update us on where the characters ended up. Heck, they can make it a Disney+ Christmas Special for all I care.

For now, you can catch The Rise of Skywalker now in theaters.


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