Kylo Ren Gets New Alter-Ego On SNL

Kylo Ren Gets New Alter-Ego On SNL

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Back in 2016, we got a memorable Saturday Night Live skit with Adam Driver where he plays the part of Kylo Ren disguised as Matt the Radar Technician. Now with Driver’s recent SNL appearance, he reprises the role of Kylo, but this time, the Supreme Leader is disguised as Randy the Entry-Level Intern.

Check it out:

While I thought the first skit with Matt went to more places, this new one with Randy still has some great moments. For one, he’s still as awkward as ever, and it’s wonderfully authentic when Randy tries to wrangle a droid and he goes, “Stop moving!” You also have to love Kylo’s sudden bursts of threats and misuse of memes.

With a lot of people saying that Ben Solo was ‘ruined’ with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, fans are saying that SNL was able to give us better characterization for him that TROS did. If anything, I’m just happy to see that Driver has a sense of humor, and he really seems to be in tune with how Kylo thinks—which what makes these sketches so great.

For now it looks like Ben Solo’s story is over for Star Wars, and we’re going to be getting a whole new era of the franchise come 2022. Personally, I hope we get some kind of epilogue movie for TROS which will properly update us on where the characters ended up. Heck, they can make it a Disney+ Christmas Special for all I care.

For now, you can catch The Rise of Skywalker now in theaters.


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