Kit Harington Teases Jon Snow’s Return in Game of Thrones Sequel

Kit Harington Teases Jon Snow’s Return in Game of Thrones Sequel

Fans may be enjoying House of the Dragon now, but HBO has already been reported to have greenlit a series featuring Jon Snow (Kit Harington) that would follow a story that takes place after the events of Game of Thrones.

Talking to Happy Sad Confused, Harington was asked about the series, and in true Jon Snow fashion, he replies, “The only thing I’ll say is that I know nothing about it,” calling back to the infamous catchphrase by Ygritte (Jon’s first lover) in the original series, “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

Though no details have been revealed about the upcoming sequel series, some are hoping that we could see a ‘proper’ finale for the show and its characters, with some even expecting that Daenerys could be resurrected by a Red Woman (assuming that’s where Drogon took her body). I mean, if Jon Snow could be resurrected, why not Danny?

Though Harington says he knows nothing about the show, it has been reported that it was his idea to continue the story. I’m just hoping that he manages to have a series that has everything fans loved about the early run of Game of Thrones—kind of like House of the Dragon.

Until HBO gives us an official announcement, all we can really do is wait. Personally, I’ll take it, as HOTD is an exciting jump back into the universe.

No release date has been announced for the Game of Thrones sequel, but you can catch House of the Dragon with new episodes every Sunday on HBO Max.


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