Justice League Writer Chris Terrio Wanted His Name Removed from 2017 Version

Justice League Writer Chris Terrio Wanted His Name Removed from 2017 Version

Ray Fisher had just recently had a tell-all interview about his experience with WB with The Hollywood Reporter. Now it’s screenwriter Chris Terrio’s turn to talk about what went down on his side of the fence when the studio decided to meddle with Justice League. As it turns out, he wanted his name removed from the film way back in 2017.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Terrio explains how he views 2017’s Justice League as an act of ‘vandalism’ and how he wanted his name removed from the film after he saw an early screening. He says, “I drove to the studio and I sat down and watched it a couple of weeks before release. I immediately called my lawyer and said, ‘I want to take my name off the film.’”

As it turns out, it was already too late for Terrio to remove his name as ‘prints had already been struck or hard drives burned or however they deliver movies these days.’ It would have cost a lot more to recall prints just to have Terrio’s name removed so it wasn’t able to push through.

Terrio goes into a lot of detail when it comes to his experience working for the DCEU, and he even comments about how he didn’t agree or was even consulted about the title Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After the DCEU and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Terrio sure has been getting a lot of flak for working on these huge franchise films. For now, the award-winning screenwriter of Argo says he’s going back to working on smaller projects this time. He says:

“I’m getting back to smaller, character-driven worlds where I don’t have any of the franchise issues that have been difficult to grapple with in the past. That’s really helped me to reground myself and to remind myself of why I like to write a film.”

To read his full interview, you can click here.

In the meantime, you can check out Terrio’s (and Snyder’s) intended version of Justice League now streaming on HBO Max.


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