Next Jurassic World Movie Announces 2025 Release Date

Next Jurassic World Movie Announces 2025 Release Date

It was only a few weeks ago when it was reported that another Jurassic World movie was in the works, and though we don’t have any details on the story, Universal has revealed a release date for the upcoming film.

Here’s the post from the official Jurassic World twitter:

So far, the post didn’t come with any teasers as to what to expect with this film, but it is said that the movie will be focusing on a whole new cast of characters this time around; so don’t hold your breath for Chris Pratt or Bryce Dallas Howard to make a return.

Despite the movies being critically panned when they came out, the Jurassic World movies still managed to make a lot of bank in the box office; so it won’t be any surprise that Universal would want to make more of these films.

With Dominion, the dinosaurs pretty much are established as part of the world once more, and humans will just have to embrace the possibility of forests that could have a roaming T-rex or a mosasaurus suddenly appearing on a beach somewhere.

I can’t speculate much about where the story could go, but I would imagine that the world would have to change to be able to accommodate for the sudden existence of all these giant animals that can tear through houses and vehicles like nothing.

Fingers crossed we get a teaser before the year ends.

The next Jurassic World movie comes out July 2, 2025.


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