Jenny Slate Reveals The Reason She Signed Onto Venom

Jenny Slate Reveals The Reason She Signed Onto Venom

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Sony’s Venom made its world premiere at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles a few days ago. The movie is scheduled to debut across the country this week. Since the premiere, the movie has gotten widely polarizing reviews from critics.

At the wake of the debut, Jenny Slate, the actress who plays Doris Skirth in the movie, has sat down with ScreenRant to discuss Venom.

During the interview, the actress explained why she chose to sign onto the movie. According to Slate, she was already drawn to Skirth’s character after reading just one scene – the scene between her character and Eddie Brock. She has never played a character like Doris before. She knew it would be an interesting experience. It doesn’t hurt that she would be acting alongside legendary, Tom Hardy:

“Well, the first scene I read was the scene between Dora and Eddie, in the mini mart. And I just was, I’ve never played a character like this before. And it’s also so one on one, you know? It’s like, ‘Wow, if I get this part, I’m truly going to be in a scene with Tom Hardy.’ Like great, yeah” gushed the actress.

True enough, the actress gushed about her experience on set especially with her scenes with Hardy. She revealed that Hardy is a truly funny person. Slate explained that Hardy has a certain energy about him. Like her, and the rest of the cast including Riz Ahmed, Hardy cares about the character and his performance:

“I think Tom has a lot of comedy in him though. He’s really funny and he’s very energetic. And I think we both really care about our performances. So, it was easy to be there for that. Just being like, we both care. And Riz [Ahmed] is the same way.”

Likewise, in an interview with Backstage, the 36 year old actress revealed more about what it is like to work on a big-budget movie. Having done a lot of indie films, Slate explained that working on the set of Venom was widely different from what she was used to. For once, shooting was a lot longer than the typical 28 days. Moreover, she enjoyed how deliberate and efficient the process seemed to be. Everybody was doing everything on cue. Nevertheless, she did miss the intimacy of working on a smaller project:

“Everything about it was different, even in terms of how you actually get to the acting. Most of the films I’ve been in have been made in under 28 days. [On a big-budget film], it takes a lot longer to do everything; there’s more equipment and so many more cameras. The days are cleaner. Everyone knows exactly what they’re doing; there are not a lot of errors. You get to do things that you don’t get to do in indie film, but you also don’t get the intimate sitting around talking.”

You can watch the ScreentRant interview here. Venom is scheduled to be released nationwide on October 5, 2018.


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