Patty Jenkins Says Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is Back in Development

Patty Jenkins Says Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is Back in Development

A lot of people were excited when it was announced that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was going to be directing the next theaterically released Star Wars movie, but 2021 saw reports that the film has been delayed.

Jenkins has confirmed before that her project hasn’t been absolutely scrapped, but now she says that things are officially kicking back into gear when it comes to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Talking to Collider (via @sw_holocron), Jenkins explains, “When [Wonder Woman 3] went away, Lucasfilm and I were like, oh, we gotta finish this deal. We finished the deal right as the strike was happening. So I now owe a draft of Star Wars and so we will see what happens there…It’s hard, they have a hard job in front of them of what’s the first movie they’re gonna do. They have other directors who have been working, but I am now, you know, I’m back on doing Rogue Squadron and we’ll see what happens.“

Jenkins had made the announcment for Rogue Squadron back in 2020, and teased that the movie could be about fighter pilots. Here’s the original video:

At one point, fans thought that this was going to be Rey’s big return to the big screen, but seeing the title, some think that this could be the spiritual sequel to Rogue One which will focus on the original Rogue Squadron from Legends who were led by ace X-Wing pilot Wedge Antilles (who made an appearance in The Rise of Skywalker).

We still don’t know what Jenkins has up her sleeves, but I’ve been begging for Star Wars to come back to the big screen.

Rogue Squadron was originally set to come out this year, but as of now it has no release date.



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