Star Wars: Daisy Ridley on Which Characters will Return With Rey in Next Film

Star Wars: Daisy Ridley on Which Characters will Return With Rey in Next Film

Lucasfilm is still at work with the development of the next Star Wars movie, and we know that Daisy Ridley is going to be returning as her character Rey Skywalker from the Sequel Trilogy.

We only know very little about the movie, but everyone is curious about where Rey will be on her journey—including Ridley herself. Talking to Deadline, Ridley talks a bit about what she knows about the movie, and she explains, “Literally what I know is what was announced last year, I’m waiting to read a script. I know bits and bobs. I know there’s an introduction of new characters.” When it comes to returning characters from the ST though, Ridley says, “I don’t know about previous characters.”

So far, only Ridley has been publicly announced as returning for a new movie. A lot of people want John Boyega, Poe Dameron, and Kelly Marie Tran to come back, but there hasn’t been any update on them. What are the odds they could bring back Adam Driver in a scene that actually means something besides good fanservice?

Interestingly enough, the question has also been thrown around on whether Rey would have kids of her own, but Ridley doesn’t think it’s going to be likely. She says, “I would say she probably doesn’t have children seeing she’s a Jedi.” As far as Obi-Wan, Luke, and Ahsoka go, Jedi don’t have any biological children, but their apprentices may just be the next best thing. Even Anakin feels like he has a closer bond with Ahsoka rather than his own son Luke.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. No official release date has been announced for Star Wars Episode X.


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