James Gunn’s Superman to Have a ‘90s Mullet?

James Gunn’s Superman to Have a ‘90s Mullet?

We’ve had about three versions of a movie Superman, and all versions seem to have one core look that each design sticks pretty close to. Everyone is expecting James Gunn’s Man of Steel to have his own original look for Superman, and some are guessing he could have a radical change in appearance this time around.

According to insider Daniel RPK (via @Cquill97), there’s been a reason why Superman actor David Corenswet has been wearing a hat throughout all of the promotional Superman posts—it’s because his Superman is said to be sporting a mullet, a classic Man of Steel look from the 90s.

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed, but with a new Superman incoming, everyone is wondering just how Gunn plans to make this one stand out from the previous movie versions of Superman.


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So far, the most radical change in Superman was featured in Man of Steel, with Superman losing the trunks and not having the signature “S” hair curl. His suit was also given some more elements to further add to the alien origin of the suit, but so far, anyone can tell he’s the classic Superman with just a simple look.

Personally, I’m hoping that Gunn gives us something iconic; and it’s kind of an impossible task when everyone has an idea of what Superman should look like. Either way, I’m expecting not everyone is going to be happy with what we get, but that’s just part of every huge fandom.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for a reveal. Superman is set to soar into theaters on July 11, 2025.


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