Is Ryan Reynolds Teasing Deadpool’s MCU Intro in Phase 5?

Is Ryan Reynolds Teasing Deadpool’s MCU Intro in Phase 5?

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Ever since Disney bought out Fox, a lot of speculation has come out about when the Marvel Fox characters will be brought into the MCU. Though Kevin Feige only teased the Fantastic Four and the “Mutants” at SDCC 2019, Ryan Reynolds seems to be hinting that Deadpool could be part of the MCU by Phase 5.

Check out his new post on IG:

Though he does clearly mention “Phase 5” in the post, I think he just deliberately put it there because he knows that the nerds on the internet will geek out about it. If anything, he’s celebrating the fifth anniversary of when the test footage for Deadpool got leaked.

Before the Deadpool film happened, it was said that Ryan Reynolds had spent years trying to get the movie greenlit by Fox. Fox wasn’t willing to take the risk, but after the footage leaked, there was an overwhelming amount of support from fans online that the movie eventually got off the ground. Ever since then, Deadpool has gone down to be the highest-earning R-rated film of all time.

Of course, nobody knows who officially leaked the footage, but fans are almost deadly sure that it was either Reynolds himself or director Tim Miller. One thing’s for sure is that Fox wouldn’t have made the Deadpool film if it wasn’t for that leak.

For now, we still have no idea when the Marvel Fox heroes will come to the MCU, but hopefully we get some Phase 5 updates come the D23 Expo this August. The con takes place from Aug. 23–Aug. 26.


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