Is Dave Bautista Campaigning for a DC Role?

Is Dave Bautista Campaigning for a DC Role?

After Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, you’d think that Dave Bautista would be ready to move on to artsier projects like Glass Onion and Dune: Part Two; but now it looks like he wants to make the jump from Marvel to DC.

Bautista has been a fan-favorite fancast for the character of Bane from Batman, and Bautista has shared a fan edit from Boss Logic of him as the Man Who Broke the Bat. Check this out:

Bautista has been fancast by several people as Bane for years, but there is also the camp of fans who want to see him try out a role that isn’t so physically imposing; some think he could be a fantastic Hugo Strange for a future Batman film just based on his minimal role in the Blade Runner sequel:

Admittedly, the Marvel star has been lauded for being the best ‘wrestler-turned-actor’ among his batch, with John Cena trailing behind him. Of course, the success of Dwayne Johnson can’t be ignored, but among critics, the Rock can pretty much only play one character, and no amount of Black Adam story is going to make him suddenly more interesting.

As for Bautista, I am hoping that he managed to branch out to non-brute roles, but I would still line up to watch him play Bane. After Tom Hardy’s take on the character, I am curious as to how else they could approach him moving forward.

Watch out for Bautista in Dune: Part Two which hits cinemas on March 1.


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